The Best Hair Extensions for Me!

The Best Hair Extensions for Me!

There are dozens of reasons people choose to have hair extensions but selecting the type of extension that best suits your needs can be difficult. Wearing hair extensions has been practiced by humans for thousands of years.  While some gawk at the idea of adding hair to their tresses or wearing a wig, it is more common than most people realize.  While African American women have revolutionized the hair extensions industry, people of all races and ethnicities wear hair extensions.

Thinning Hair?

Hair thinning can occur at many different levels.  Our hair thins when it goes through the natural growth process and from certain medications, stress, old age and/or after giving birth.  If you are experiencing hair thinning you have a few options that would offer a natural look and feel.  For moderate to low hair thinning throughout the entire head, clip-ins, tape-ins or micro link wefts are comfortable options that help maintain your natural hair and still provide a sleek look.

If your hair is thinning at the crown, you may consider individual micro links or a lace piece.

Significant Balding or Patchy Hair Loss

Having significant balding or hair loss occurs from medical conditions, infections, or stress. Depending on the severity of the bald spots and their position, a wig or weave may be the best option to cover the patchy spots.  When choosing a wig or weave, you have options to use lace or have your natural hair left out that covers the tracks. Upart wigs and/or weave with leave out is recommended, only if you have dense enough hair at the top to cover the tracks.  If there are bald spots at the top of the head, then the best option would be a lace wig.

Trying Something New

Maybe you’ve seen the social media videos of girls flaunting 30 inches, with lace glued down for the Gods, and now you want to try a lace wig.  Or you’ve seen an install of micro links that look like natural hair.  If you are new to wearing weaves and wigs, the best option for your first unit would be a closure wig, u-part wig or traditional sew-in.  Managing a closure wig, where the lace only goes from temple to temple, is much easier for beginners than having a lace frontal.  A lace frontal is where the lace extends from ear to ear and often requires to be glued down or gripped tightly with a band.  A U-part or traditional sew-in eliminates the maintenance of lace altogether.

Anytime you’re making a major purchase decision about your hair, it is best to consult with a hair professional.  Everyone’s specific hair needs are different, and selecting something that suits your lifestyle should be considered.



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