Hair Loss Caused By The Digestive System and Thyroid

Hair Loss Caused By The Digestive System and Thyroid

In continuation of the informative series, Autoimmune Diseases That Cause Hair Loss, the body’s thyroid and digestive system are just a few lesser-known causes of hair loss.  One wouldn’t expect their digestive system is contributing to their balding or thinning, yet the autoimmune disease Crohn’s, does just that.

Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease or Irritable bowel syndrome is described as an inflammation of the digestive tract system that causes abdominal pain, excessive diarrhea, weight loss and malnutrition. When inflammation of the digestive tract occurs it’s hard for the body to absorb proper nutrients and vitamins. Vitamin deficiencies that cause hair loss include B12, Vitamin D and Iron.

Additionally, immunosuppressants used for Chron’s disease are known to cause hair loss. The medications serve to slow down the production of cell multiplication it also affects the hair’s regrowth process.

As with all autoimmune diseases, there is no cure but if there is no permanent damage to the hair follicles, the hair can grow back. Treatment for hair loss caused by Crohn’s Disease includes: Using Mesalamine as a treatment for Chron’s disease.  The World Journal of Gastroenterology published a study in 2015  showing people treated with Mesalamine for Chron’s disease showed lower odds of hair loss. Also, Increasing vitamins and minerals that are associated with your deficiencies.

Graves’ Disease & Hashimoto’s Disease

Thyroid function is crucial to how the body works. Two diseases that affect the thyroid can lead to hair loss include Graves’ and Hashimoto’s Disease. Graves’ Disease is an autoimmune disease that disrupts the normal function of the thyroid causing an overproduction of the hormone thyroxine, a condition called hyperthyroidism.

Hashimoto’s Disease is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to create antibodies that attack the thyroid as foreign bodies, bacteria or viruses.  The thyroid produces the vital hormones T3 and T4 which regulate many bodily functions including metabolism, mood, hair growth and more.  Dysfunction of T3 and T4 hormones affect the hair’s regrowth cycle causing hair thinning and shedding, without regrowth.

Effective treatment of thyroid disease and hormone balance can help reduce hair loss and promote healthy regrowth. Also, a change in diet can also restore hair growth.

Check out this video from Dr. Daniel Sugai, a Harvard-trained dermatologist, highlighting “three mistakes you may be making” when experiencing hair loss. 


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