Guide: Quality Human Hair

Guide: Quality Human Hair

Identifying quality human hair can be difficult, especially when you are shopping online, or not experienced with human hair.  Not all hair extensions are the same, and if not carefully selected you can end up with horrible hair.

Purchasing human hair online can be risky, you run the chance of getting hair that has synthetic strands. The first thing you want to establish is your budget.  Purchasing quality hair can cost upwards of $300.  Based on the size of your head,  as well as the volume and length desired, you will need about two to three bundles.  Hair longer than 24 inches, you may need four bundles. Tape-ins, micro links and clip-ins depend on the volume of your own hair. It is advised to consult with a stylist to establish how much hair you will need.

Most hair sold online is from china, meaning it has been processed and often times is derived from scrap Indian hair. When human hair is processed, manufacturers use a silicon mix that helps achieve the desired texture which includes straight, wavy, deep wavy, curly, kinky curly, etc.  Human hair from China doesn’t last long because once the silicone mix washes off, you are left with dry and brittle hair.

Chinese hair vendors have established a grading system that identifies the quality of human hair they sell:

8a Hair

This blend of processed human hair often has pieces that stick out and are brittle.  This hair is sold very cheaply online and at beauty supply stores.  It also has lots of orange and red threads throughout the bundle.

9a Hair

This quality of human hair is a little better than 8a and softer, but very thin and still has short pieces throughout the bundles. 9a hair is sold at beauty supply stores, in packs, and commonly among social entrepreneurs and stylists. Most social entrepreneurs sell this hair to their followers, family and friends because it is the cheapest to get in bulk.  Chinese vendors are aggressive sellers and utilize social entrepreneurs to gain sales for the companies they work for.

10a/12a: This hair has been processed and is very soft.  The strands are more constant throughout and is slightly fuller. If you’re going to purchase a manufactured wig, it is best to use this grade of hair. This hair is at beauty supply stores, online and among social entrepreners.

Raw Human Hair Bundles

The best hair to purchase is raw Indian hair.  If you are looking for something that will last, remain tangle-free, then raw hair would be the best option. Most beauty supply stores and social entrepreneurs do not sell raw hair.  Stitch Virgin Hair Boutique sells raw hair imported from India. Raw hair is cut directly from a donor’s scalp and doesn’t go through a chemical process for texture.  Raw hair is more expensive than hair from China.  Quality raw human hair starts at $130 a bundle.  Raw human hair also has a denser look and feel to it, it’s not too silky or stringy as processed hair appears to be.  It also blends better with natural hair and mimics natural hair best.

Raw human hair textures include straight/slight wave, wavy, and curly.  Some curly raw hair goes through water steaming process to make hair more curly. Raw hair can last anywhere from two to five years.  Maintaining the life of raw human hair is done by a consistent wash and condition routine, as well as proper storage when not in use.

Original Photos

Lastly, look for original pictures on the website and social media.  If you are purchasing on Amazon, be cognizant that 99 percent of the time the picture is not the same product.  Online sellers use stolen pictures of unsuspecting women and celebrities to sell their products.

The best way to purchase quality hair is to go into a hair store that specializes in human hair.  Speak with a stylist or hair consultant to help guide you with your purchase. See and feel the hair for yourself.



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