Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Sometimes people are harsh with their opinions on hair extensions— associating them with clips that peek out of the scalp, colors that don’t quite match the rest of a person’s hair, or Rapunzel-like lengths. 


Yes, we agree, these extension no-nos can look cheap, fake, and obvious. But when you choose better quality, more natural-looking hair and the appropriate application methods, extensions can really enhance your natural beauty— as opposed to blanketing it. And the greatest part is that when it’s done correctly, no one will even know you’re wearing them.


Am I a Good Candidate for Hair Extensions?


Maybe you want a bit of a confidence boost. Or maybe you’re regretting the short haircut you asked for at the salon the other day. 


Long, full, and shiny locks are the ultimate sign of youth across nearly all cultures around the world. As we grow older, our hair thins (with some people more genetically prone to this than others). Similar to a new dress or a killer pair of pumps, hair extensions can give you another reason to flip your hair. 


So you’re bored with your dull strands of hair and you want to change up your look. The awesome thing is, extensions allow you to experiment with color without having to bleach your hair. 


Or maybe you do want to grow out that bob. If you’re desperate to grow out that short haircut, extensions will instantly add the length you desire and ease your frustration. 


How Do I Match the Hair Extension To My Hair?


Hair extensions come in virtually all colors and textures, from blonde to blue and silky straight to super curly and voluminous. When choosing your shade, try to stay on the darker side to maintain a natural look— unless you’re completely confident that you can pull off that platinum blonde. And as far as texture goes, it’s best to go with extensions that match your natural hair’s pattern, so you can air-dry it with no problem.


What Does Hair Extension Care Look Like?


The key to extending the life of your hair extensions is to keep them from getting tangled. Every night before you sleep, arrange your hair into a loose braid or ballerina bun, which will keep the hair from rubbing against your pillow and getting knotted. 


Make sure that a few times a day, you mist on a lightweight, leave-in conditioner spray throughout your hair so as to prevent those pesky knots from forming. 


To deal with the inevitable tangles, try using a loop brush that will help detangle hair starting at your scalp.


The last important thing to note is that hair extensions take more time to dry than regular hair because they’ve been processed and therefore hold onto moisture. In this case, a high-quality blow dryer will help save you time and arm power when drying your hair.


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