Beaded Weft

Beaded Weft, A Kept Secret

Hair extensions are installed in many forms, from a traditional sew-in weave and beaded weft to tape-ins. The type of extension you wear should depend on your desired look, lifestyle and hair condition. The condition of your hair should always be the determining factor in which type of extensions you select.  Many people who have hair thinning or naturally thin hair have opted to wear hair extensions installed in between their own hair, giving their hair more volume.

Beaded Wefts

One best-kept secret in the hair extension industry is the beaded weft. The process of beaded wefts includes placing wefts between your natural hair using a silicone bead that is secured on the extension or on the hair at the root above the silicone bead.

When getting extensions that require your natural hair to be out, it is best to get an extension that is the same texture as your natural hair.  For example, if you have silky straight hair, you will need a straight bundle. If you have 3/4c hair is important to understand your hair will revert to its natural state when wet so, being selective with the extension’s texture is very important. We would recommend those with 3/4C hair select a kinky straight texture that can be straightened or a curly texture that will blend well with your natural curls.


The beaded weft install method is a very natural look and maintenance is fairly easy after six to eight weeks of new growth.  Maintenance includes opening beads and sliding the hair bead up.  Regular hair management for a beaded weft is fairly easy; you can wash, brush/comb and curl/flatiron beaded wefts as you would your natural hair. When wearing a beaded weft, it is important to comb your hair out often to prevent tangling and allow for easy maintenance.

When getting a beaded weft installed, placement is important and should be decided based on how you manage your hair daily; if your wear a high pony, no pony, low pony, etc.  If you are interested in having extensions installed in-between your hair, consult with a hair stylist to determine which method would work best for you. Stitch Virgin Hair Boutique offers extension consultation and beaded weft installation.  For more information or to book an appointment click here.



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